People I Love

There’s been one thing I’ve often not understood as I’ve grown up and gotten more out into the world and that is why people treat each other the way that they do. They tear each other down with words or deny other people things for their own benefit or are sometimes just plain malicious. I’m not saying that I haven’t done these things, but I’ve always tried to be aware of how I treat others and have tried to act in love. Because for whatever reason, I love just about everybody I meet.

I know that sounds horribly braggy or like I’m trying to make myself sound better than I am, but it’s the truth, honest to goodness. It got to the point in high school where I could look at another person who I found completely unattractive and then my brain would argue with me until I found one thing attractive about them. This has been true in other areas of life as well, where as long as I found something to connect with someone about, I could see myself as their friend.

This does not mean that I like everybody. There are some people on this earth that I don’t want to see again in this life, but no matter how much I might dislike them, I still can’t deny in my heart that they’re God’s child too and that they deserve the same magnificent love that I have received. Everyone deserves it, but that’s a long post I can write later in this journey.

So what is the point of what I’m saying? Well, I have a terrible cold right now and it makes me a bit loopy, but I was scrolling through Facebook and saw pictures of some of my friends from college who haven’t been on my mind all summer except other times I’ve seen pictures of them. And my heart broke a little bit. These people aren’t my best friends, or even my close friends necessarily, but I can say without a doubt that I love every single one of them and seeing their happy faces filled me with joy that they were happy and sadness that I couldn’t see it in person.

So to anyone who might be reading this: if you’re one of my friends from home, I love you deeply and immensely and I will miss you so much while I am gone no matter who you are and you are such a beautiful soul who I am so blessed to have met (yes, I really can make this blanket statement, because I believe it!). If you are a friend I have yet to meet: I love you already, but more importantly, so does God (and His love is so much better!).

It breaks my heart to leave my lovelies and dears and honeys and sweethearts here in the U.S. in about two and a half weeks, but I can’t wait to love even more people on the other side of the world. Coming soon with love for you, Korea!

Love to each one of you, Lauren



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